Renata Stripecke, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. hab.

Email: stripecke.renata[at]
Department: Department of Hematology Hemostasis, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, Hannover Medical School
Major Research: Gene Therapy, immune therapy, oncology, stem-cell transplantation


1983 - 1986 Bacchaurelate, Biological Sciences, UNICAMP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1986 - 1988 Master’s Degreee, Genetics, UNICAMP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1988 - 1989 Fellow Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Ludwig Maximilians Univ., Munich.
1990 - 1993 Dr. rer.nat , Gene Expression, Heidelberg Univ./EMBL, Heidelberg.
2000 - 2002 Habilitation, Genetics Molecular Biology, Hamburg Univ., Hamburg.

Academic appointments:

1994 - 1996 Post-Doc, HHMI, University of California Los Angeles, USA.
1996 - 1999 Research Associate, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, USA.
2000 - 2003 Assistant Professor of Research, University of Southern California, USA.
2003 - 2007 Assistant Professor, University of California Los Angeles, USA.
Since 2007 Group Leader, Rebirth, Hannover Medical School.
Since 2007 Member of MHH PhD Programs (ZIB, REGSCI, MOLMED).

Other professional activities:

2000 - 2001 Director of Cell Engineering, Intragene Sciences, Inc., Pasadena, USA.
2003 - 2007 Co-Director, UCLA Vector Core, Los Angeles, USA.
2015 Sabbatical, Center for Cell and Gene Therapies, BCM, Houston, USA.

Main Awards and Prizes:

1994 - 1995 DFG Post-doctoral Scholarship (RNA Editing) UCLA/ HHMI.
1999 - 2002 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Special Fellow Award (USA).
2000 - 2003 National Cancer Institute/NIH K01/ Howard Temin Award (USA).
2001 - 2002 DFG Habilitation Scholarship (Molecular Biology), Hamburg Univ.
2002 - 2005 Stop Cancer/ USC and UCLA Career Development Award (USA).
2015 DFG Sabbatical at the Baylor College of Medicine.


Memberships: ASH (1997), ASGCT (2001), DG-GT (2000), ESCGT (2007).

Reviewer for Funding Agencies: DFG, DKH, DAAD, Bayimmunet, FWO, Landsteiner.

Reviewer for Journals: Blood, Leukemia, Molecular Therapy, Hum.Gene Therapy, Vaccine.

Scientific Boards: Human Gene Therapy, ASGCT (USA), Concern Foundation (USA).